Pipework Repairs and Water Mains Renewal in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and West Sussex

Your personal responsibility to maintain a water supply on installations running from a main road onto any Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or West Sussex property causes an unwelcome impact when issues occur. Water pipe repairs, pipe replacements and water mains renewal work all result in upheaval and disruption. The reason for this is the extensive excavation required to access different points below the ground – along with the subsequent turmoil.


Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have repair or renewal work undertaken without fuss or inconvenience, and with little or no need for a huge clean-up operation afterwards?


D&M Chivers Water Solutions covers the South of England with trenchless pipe replacement and repair services. If you own a home in Burgess Hill that requires water pipe repairs, or a property in Haywards Heath than needs a complete water mains renewal, we’re here to help. Our company uses a modern hydraulic boring system to make projects manageable.

Water Mains Renewal Haywards Heath
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Water Pipe Repairs


Whatever your needs might be, D&M Chivers Water Solutions promises to find the best solution. We perform localised water pipe repairs under the supervision of a trained, experienced team that uses innovative detection and listening equipment. By pinpointing the leak and locating the correct location of the pipework, our company provides a more responsive evaluation of what needs to be done – smoothly, simply, quickly and efficiently.


We perform water pipe repairs on lead, steel or black polypipe by excavating a precise 1m² bore hole for access, which is usually sufficient to provide a fast fix on small repair projects in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the surrounding West Sussex area. For larger water pipe repairs, such as pipework replacements, we may need to dig a second destination hole.

This allows us to use a hydraulic boring system that “moles” from the initial bore hole to the destination hole, clearing a path for replacement pipework without having to excavate the land between the two points. This results in a cleaner, tidier working environment. We advise that smaller water pipe repairs only provide a cheap option over the shorter term, and the best way to ensure a permanent fix is through our water mains renewal service.


Water mains renewal is, in effect, a full trenchless pipe replacement.

Water Main Renewal


Hydraulic boring systems save precious time and money compared to a more traditional water mains renewal and replacement service. Our state-of-the-art equipment forms an accurate channel between two separate points to accommodate new pipework. This minimises any widespread disruption at your Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or West Sussex property, and provides the basis needed for faster resolutions to any issues you might have.


D&M Chivers Water Solutions begins every water mains renewal project from the stop tap on the property boundary and runs the connection to your home. This leaves you with a continuous and seamless replacement with better strength, flexibility and integrity. Long-term, the system is less prone to splits, to cracks and to issues with lead contamination.


Moling techniques deliver a quick, efficient and cost-effective alternative to trenching with no unsightly channels and minimal damage to lawns, driveways, patios and ground surfaces. Because we operate as approved contractors, D&M Chivers Water Solutions can survey, renew, replace, connect and reinstate without any involvement from the water authorities.


Please contact us on 01273 843714 to discuss water pipe repairs or water mains renewals for properties in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and all locations across the South of England.

Call 01273 843714 to discuss water pipe repairs and water mains renewals for your Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath or West Sussex property.

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Water Mains Renewal Haywards Heath
Drainage Installations Haywards Heath
Water Mains Renewal Haywards Heath
Drainage Installations Haywards Heath