Hydraulic Boring Systems in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and West Sussex

D&M Chivers Water Solutions, and other forward-thinking companies in the water mains repair and renewal sector, use hydraulic boring systems ahead of traditional excavation methods. The process, known as “moling”, allows us to perform clean water pipe repairs, water mains renewals and drainage installations. We currently provide services in Burgess Hill, Cuckfield, Haywards Heath and West Sussex – including our home town of Hassocks.


Our investment into the industry’s most innovative technology helps us with service delivery, especially when it comes to saving our customers precious time and money.

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Hydraulic Boring Systems Explained


A hydraulic boring system is equipment-based machinery used to lay pipework or to perform repairs without having to excavate a trench; hence the term, trenchless pipe replacement. Our own systems, the ones we use to provide services in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas, are the most simple available to our sector and have been widely used by our own company since their initial introduction may years ago.


In layman’s terms, hydraulic boring systems offer an effective way to install replacement pipework without the mess, disruption and inconvenience associated with excavation.


While it is not exactly non-evasive, trenchless pipe replacement is one of the least disruptive systems available, and has a growing number of applications in building, construction, water supply and landscaping. Hydraulic boring systems allow simple connectivity below lawns, driveways, patios and obstacles without causing potentially expensive surface damage.


Benefits for customers in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and West Sussex include:


  • Minimal excavation and disruption with positive environmental benefits
  • Fewer road closures and less inconvenience to the general public
  • Faster installation and repair times compared to traditional pipework replacement
  • No major disruption to surfaces, surrounding infrastructures or local services


The moling process significantly reduces the time it takes for our team to replace or renew part of your water mains supply, or to perform a repair, and also requires less manpower. This makes our trenchless pipe replacement services more affordable for the customer, and our working operations much more efficient than traditional excavation and trenching.

How Hydraulic Boring Systems Work


Hydraulic boring systems work under pressure to force a mapped path through soil between two specified points. The process requires a bore hole, dug to a size of approximately 1m², and this is where we introduce the boring system. We also dig a destination hole, which is the point where hydraulic boring systems emerge after moling. Our personnel explain where these points will be to Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and West Sussex homeowners.


This ensures we always have a set plan in place to minimise impact on lawns, driveways, patios, car parks and other surface materials sitting above the damaged pipework.


The term “moling” is particularly apt because the process replicates the subterranean activity of the small mammals which burrow through soil. Boring systems use hydraulic technology to hammer against soil at high pressure along a designated route. Once we’ve created a path between two points, we retrieve our equipment from the destination hole.

image of a water pipe trench

A completed moling installation

Trenchless pipe replacement services in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and all surrounding South of England areas do require an appropriate soil type. The performance of hydraulic boring systems varies based on the ground conditions and what we are boring through.


D&M Chivers Water Solutions recommends system use on the following soil types:


  • Soil
  • Clay
  • Sand
  • Silt
  • Fine Gravel
  • Coarse Gravel

Please be aware the moling through an unsuitable soil type could produce unsatisfactory results and might cause unwelcome damage not just to our equipment, but also to your landscaping theme. To avoid issues, our team takes soil samples and provides the customer with an honest evaluation of what we can or cannot achieve with our moling equipment.


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image of re-laid turf
image of a water pipe trench
image of re-laid turf
image of a water pipe trench