Innovative Hydraulic Boring Systems in Haywards Heath

If you own a home in Haywards Heath, it may surprise you to know that you carry full responsibility for water pipe repairs and water mains renewals on supplies running from a main road onto your property. If you need repairs or a renewal but have avoided having the work done because it’s too expensive and inconvenient, D&M Chivers Water Solutions can help. We use hydraulic boring systems to provide affordable trenchless pipe replacements.


Our company also performs drainage installations using the same innovative technology.


Trenchless pipe replacement is a low-cost alternative to traditional excavation and sectional pipework renewal. If you’ve already spent a small fortune on an elaborate driveway or can’t bear the thought of having a pristine lawn ruined, hydraulic boring systems assist in the efficient delivery of water pipe repairs, water mains renewals and drainage installations.


The processes we use bring numerous benefits to projects in the Haywards Heath area, and make life that little bit simpler for our highly-valued customers and clients.


Water Pipe Repairs and Replacements | Clean, Tidy and Efficient


Homeowners in Haywards Heath and all surrounding areas in the South of England can use us for water pipe repairs, water mains renewals or drainage installations with confidence. Instead of excavating a trench along the full length of damaged pipework, we use hydraulic boring systems that require a single hole of 1m² in size. Our technicians drop equipment into this hole and mole an underground channel to a second hole – the destination point.


This method gives us sufficient space to replace damaged pipework. Using a hydraulic boring system is cleaner, tidier and much more efficient that excavating a large trench. Less labour is required, there is very little mess to worry about and clean-up times are much faster. Just as importantly, we are able to minimise noise, disruption and inconvenience.


On most projects in Haywards Heath, we avoid damage to the hard landscaping features. If we do have to create a bore hole on a lawn or a driveway, we restore everything to its original condition as soon as our work is complete. Trenchless pipe replacement isn’t 100% non-invasive, but it does have an absolutely minimal impact of landscaping themes.


Hydraulic Boring Systems | Suitable for Multiple Applications


Most of the projects we undertake cover water pipe repairs and water mains renewals. We also lay the pipework for drainage installations using a hydraulic boring system. This isn’t to say that trenchless pipe replacement is the limit to what we achieve. D&M Chivers Water Solutions can create permanent water supplies for ponds, water features and outdoor taps using the same simple but innovative equipment we use for our more traditional work.


If you have never considered trenchless pipe replacement services before and would like to find out more about the further benefits of a hydraulic boring system, call us on 01273 843714. We provide free site surveys, consultations and quotations, without obligation, for property owners in Haywards Heath, West Sussex and the South of England. We are a friendly and personable company, and 100% committed to total customer satisfaction.

Call 01273 843714 to discuss water pipe repairs, water mains renewals or drainage installations for your Haywards Heath property.

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