Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Burgess Hill

D&M Chivers Water Solutions is a family-owned and run company located in Hassocks, only three miles to the south of Burgess Hill – one of our key service areas. We trade as trusted and reliable service providers with many years of experience in water pipe repairs and water mains renewals. We specialise in trenchless pipe replacement, a revolutionary practice that uses a modern hydraulic boring system. Our company also performs drainage installations.


We handle leaking water pipe repairs and water mains renewal projects without having to excavate the land surrounding your Burgess Hill property.


The trenchless pipe replacement technology at our disposal provides the customer with a clean, tidy and efficient solution that minimises disruption and inconvenience. Our company, run as a traditional father-and-son business under the supervision of Dave and Mark Chivers, is one of the most customer-focused in our region. We’re 100% committed to the delivery of exceptional customer service and to the highest standards of workmanship.


If you would like to know how hydraulic boring systems could benefit your Burgess Hill property, especially if you require water pipe repairs, water mains renewals or drainage installations, please contact us today for a free initial survey, consultation and quotation.


How Trenchless Pipe Replacement Works


Homeowners in the Burgess Hill area have a responsibility to maintain or repair the mains water supply running from the main road onto their property. Traditional water pipe repairs and replacements prove disruptive because they require the uplifting of lawns, driveways and gardens so that water engineers can access the sections of worn or damaged pipework. As you can imagine, this creates unwelcome noise and mess the moment a project starts.


The resulting water mains renewal and repair work sometimes ends up as ineffective and new leaks often occur inside a matter of months. Drainage installations often lack the strength and integrity needed to last for more than a couple of years. Excavation and sectional replacement is labour-intensive, messy and never guaranteed to last for long.


A trenchless pipe replacement performed with a hydraulic boring system offers a more permanent solution for your Burgess Hill home. Our water engineers create a 1m² bore hole to feed in the moling system and a destination hole for collecting our equipment after creating the channel for new pipework. Essentially, we forge a route for water pipe repairs, water mains renewals and drainage installations between two connection points.


Our technicians feed new lead, iron or black polybutylene pipework through the channel to perform a clean, tidy and cost-effective repair that will last for years. Our company has already performed many successful trenchless pipe replacements in the Burgess Hill area.


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Because we use the most innovative hydraulic boring systems in our sector, D&M Chivers Water Solutions performs all water pipe repairs, water mains renewals and drainage installations in a cleaner, tidier and more efficient manner compared to more traditional excavation methods. We keep costs down because our work requires less labour and, in the majority of cases, our team avoids damage to ground surfaces and landscaping features.


We can even use hydraulic boring systems to create supplies for ponds and water features.


If you would like to find out more about trenchless pipe replacement, or if you would like us to provide a free quotation for repairs or renewals, please contact D&M Chivers Water Solutions on 01273 843714. We perform site surveys and offer free customer consultations in Burgess Hill, the surrounding West Sussex area and all locations in the South of England.

Call 01273 843714 to discuss water pipe repairs, water mains renewals or drainage installations for your Burgess Hill property.

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